About Bernie Lim


My name is Bernadette (Bernie) Lim, and I am a rising sophomore at Harvard University. I’m passionate about global health and advocacy for women and girls. Additionally, I’m exploring journalism and social entrepreneurship.

I’m beginning this blog first and foremost to document my involvement in my first of (hopefully) many international health initiatives abroad. I will be traveling to Kisumu, Kenya in Summer 2013. Following this trip, the use of this blog will be to articulate thoughts, ideas, and experiences that I encounter as I continually develop my interests in global health. This blog exists as a means of holding myself accountable to my actions and motivations, ultimately acting as a personal reminder of the sustainable change in healthcare delivery I hope to make integral contributions to. I want to make sure that what I do is meaningful, socially conscious, and respectful as I engage myself in long-term solutions for each individual’s right to adequate and comprehensive healthcare.

My personal page that expands on my involvement in various activities at Harvard and beyond is located here.

This blog is a living document of my learning experiences. Please join me in dialogue, including questions, critiques, and comments! I am open to challenging my current opinions and knowledge by building on multiple perspectives and learning new things. Please feel free to share your knowledge with me — I would love to hear it!

Also, feel free to contact me at: bernadettenlim@gmail.com




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